Ambulance Service Guidelines

Paramedic putting oxygen mask on unconscious patient


1. All transports of members shall be billed directly to your insurance company. Any payment made by your carrier is accepted as payment in full. If you do not have insurance, you will get a 50% discount in the amount billed.
2. This membership is only valid when transported by Southern York EMS ambulances.
3. Ambulance service follows strict medical protocols.
4. Renewals must be made within 60 days of the date of last year’s membership to avoid interruptions in coverage.
5. Family memberships cover all members of the household. A household is defined as all individuals living in the same home.
6. Routine transports are not the primary focus of Southern York EMS. Emergency call have priority. Routine transports are only done under special circumstances and should originate/end in the Southern York EMS service area. Routine transports must be pre-arranged by a health care facility official at least 24 hours prior to the transport. Routine transports MUST BE medically necessary as certified by a physician.
7. If the insurance company pays you directly for ambulance service, you are expected to turn over that amount to Southern York EMS or their billing company.
8. Business memberships cover employees only while working. Only employees are covered, NO students or customers are covered.
9. SYCEMS reserves the right to adjust these guidelines at will.