member-cardAnnual ambulance membership

Our team is dedicated to prompt emergency care for you and your loved ones. We know you want the very best pre-hospital care so we urge you to register for The Ambulance Membership. The out-of-pocket cost for ambulance services can exceed $1,000.00. Your annual membership will eliminate this extra cost and help provide funding for state-of-the-art equipment, educate and train our personnel in the latest procedures, and continue to deliver the same high level of excellent emergency care at the most affordable costs you’ve known all along.

Southern York EMS is a registered non-profit organization that works hard to contain operational costs and provide the best community care possible. As a result, in order to supplement our budget, we are participating in third party billing for all transports using Cornerstone Adminisystems. The payment made by the insurance carrier to Cornerstone satisfies your account in full (including oxygen, supplies, and mileage), but only if you are a member. Members without insurance get a 50% discount of the amount billed. NON-MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO PAY THE FULL AMOUNT OF A BILL.

Annual membership is available at the low rates of $50 per individual and $75 per family. We are also offering NEW Business Memberships, available for $175 for businesses with 50 or less employees and $350 for those with over 50 employees.

Please read the ambulance service guidelines.